Screening Block 5- Toasts of the Town

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Screening Block 5 ~ Toasts of the Town
New York City: The Good, the Bad & The Ugly

BlackArrogance! is a documentary series that illuminates the world of the Black artist. The show paints a picture of not only how Black artists shape the world but also unveil their everyday muses. In a world where rap is one of the most popular music genres and African-America Vernacular English rules the internet, it’s time to look at the cornerstone of modern culture: Black identities. The series profiles Black artists from each and every borough in New York City who create in all different mediums: visual art, dance, filmmaking, animation and more. Each short documentary delves not only into the artist and their creative process, but it ties their practices to indigenous art forms and culture that fall within Black cultural heritage. It is meant to equip viewers with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Black artistry and culture but through a casual coffee table approach and vocabulary, making Black art history accessible to the public.

Good Morning Governor
Good Morning Cuomo is a digital series featuring stories from NYC Bars and Restaurants during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic. When the series began, it served as a platform to speak directly to former Governor Andrew Cuomo, after protests, phone calls, emails, and social media efforts to inform Cuomo of the severity of their situation yielded no response. Each episode features a different restaurant or bar in NYC, and through their stories, restaurant bar owners and staff brought awareness to the scale of their sacrifice and contribution as essential businesses, with the hope of improving NYC’s dining culture and cultivating more informed diners. Bars and Restaurants are the cultural fabric of New York City and they continue to risk their own health and safety to serve their communities and protect the health and safety of NYC residents.

Human Telegraphs
In this quirky and sweet female-driven series, three women launch an in-person message delivery business in NYC, and get tangled in the intimate, unexpected, and hilarious lives of strangers. Trisha has been a type-A, driven she-boss from the time she left diapers, Margot is a shy, aspiring actor who left a sheltered religious upbringing in Alaska to find her true self in NYC, and Lily is a fiery hippie, feminist playwright. The three friends are forced to juggle the demands of their personal lives and dreams while being caught in the crossfire of other New Yorkers' relationship dramas, setbacks, and triumphs. Will their business and lives flounder or flourish in the Big Apple?

Novel Romance
A lost love note sparks a series of what ifs. Can real life mirror a romance novel?

Bar Sepia
A small business owner in Brooklyn fights to keep her successful bar open against gentrification and greed.

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